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Taprobane Capital Plus (Pvt) Ltd is the financial services arm for Ambeon and through its key subsidiaries, offer services in money broking and stock broking. The company ranks among the top few money brokers in the country and one of the few equity brokerage firms in the country with a track record of profitability. It operates under the purview of Central Bank of Sri Lanka and the Securities and Exchange commission of Sri Lanka.

Taprobane Investments (Money Broking)

Headed by a well- experienced team of money brokers, counting more than 20 years of experience, it is one of the leading and most active foreign exchange/ money brokers in Sri Lanka. The team’s expertise and knowledge of the market gives it an in-depth understanding of the market trends and the ability to assess future trends so that it may provide a commendable and satisfactory service to its clients. The key to success has been its ability to understand the requirements of its long-established network of clients. The company adheres to strict standards to ensure that it upholds ethics and corporate governance in its business activities and upholds a strong reputation for its fair dealings in the market. The company brings together buyers and sellers, lenders and borrowers in treasury bonds and bills and currency, and its operations are mainly centered on the local money market. In the Money market, it facilitates call money and term money transactions. Where foreign exchange is concerned, the company deals in spot/forwards/swaps, cross currency trading and Foreign Currency Banking Units Deposits.

Coming under the purview of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, the company acts as an intermediary in facilitating inter-bank money market transactions to Sri Lankan and foreign financial institutions and facilitate transactions between banks and primary dealers.

Taprobane Securities (Stock Broking)

Taprobane Securities is one of the few equity brokerage houses with a track record of profitability supported by its lean structure and efficient operations. Its strength lies in the expertise offered and the experienced personnel in its team allowing it to maintain long standing relationships with its clients. Better known for catering to the retail segment, the company is gradually moving towards a healthy balance of retail and institutional clients. Institutional investors are served by a highly skilled and competent team who offer professional research-based advice, market making facilities, speedy order execution for effective communication with over 20 years of experience in the stock broking field. Retail clients are served with special one-on-one attention and research on client request as and when the need arises, supplemented by routine reports.

Taprobane Securities aims to serve with good governance practices in all its transactions with an emphasis on compliance and regulation. The stock broking arm of the Group is a fully owned subsidiary of Taprobane Capital Plus (Pvt) Ltd and the stock broking activities are governed by the Colombo Stock Exchange’s regulations and directed by the Securities Exchange Commission Act No 18 of 2003.