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Taprobane Holdings PLC is a responsible Sri Lankan Corporate Citizen listed on the DiriSavi Board of the Colombo Stock Exchange, accommodating interests of small investors to large corporate clients via its extensive range of financial products and services. Presently Taprobane is into Money Broking, Stock Broking, Margin Trading, Corporate Finance, Real Estate and Investment Management.

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 Money Broking

  In simple business dictionary Money Broking is the facilitation of interbank and foreign exchange transactions. Money broker is the intermediary or the dealer that executes the money broking operation. Taprobane Investments (Pvt) Ltd is the money broking arm of our Group.

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 Stock Broking

  A stockbroker is a firm that acts as an intermediary for stock market transactions, offering investors a variety of services in addition to investment advice and executing buy/ sell orders of investors.

Our sphere of products and services includes securities sales, trading and execution, prime brokerage and capital raising and advisory services as well as comprehensive investment research. Our clients include corporations, governments, pension funds and institutions around Sri Lanka.

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 Corporate Finance

  Corporate Finance is assistance in raising funds for working capital or capital expenditure requirements of companies mainly by means of equity or debt. A variety of instruments ranging from short to long term, are structured by taking into consideration different combinations of risk and return options based on both investor and investee preferences.

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 Margin Trading

  Margin Trading is a brokerage account that allows investors to buy securities by borrowing a portion of the purchase price. Margin trading allows the investors to buy more stock than an investor would be able to buy normally. To trade on margins, it is a mandatory requirement to have a margin account at a Commercial Bank which is different from a regular cash account. Lexinton Financial Services (Pvt) Ltd is the Margin Trading facilitator for our Group, which links as a sub-subsidiary.

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 Real Estate

We are also into Real Estate and Property Management via Heron Agro Products (Pvt) Ltd & Lexinton Holdings (Pvt) Ltd.

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 Investment Management

Today we are a sought after financial conglomerate in Sri Lanka, having widened our presence beyond the borders of the finance industry by significant investments in both quoted and un-quoted companies. To name a few, Lanka Century Investments PLC and Browns Investments PLC. etc.

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