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Corporate Finance

The Company has to date has arranged, structured, managed and placed,

  Over Rs.3 billion worth of long - to - medium-term debenture issues and asset / mortgaged backed securitization facilities for companies mainly in the finance sector.
  Over Rs.4 billion worth of short-term commercial papers, promissory notes and fixed deposits for reputed companies in an array of sectors.

As a part of equity issue management, the Corporate Finance arm of the Group has managed initial public offerings (IPOs) of shares of companies in the Diversified sector and Power & Energy sectors and have also managed listings via introductory method.

  IPO of Hydro Power Free Lanka PLC
  IPO of Free Lanka Capital Holdings PLC
  IPO of Browns Investments PLC
  Introduction of Taprobane Holdings PLC

In October 2012, owing to the success of its Corporate Finance outfit, a Group company was restructured and renamed as Taprobane Wealth Plus (Pvt) Ltd, which in future would be dedicated to this area of business.

Apart from structuring, managing and placing equity and debt issues, the Company would also undertake private equity placements, mergers and acquisitions, capital restructures, loan syndications, business valuations, feasibility studies and corporate advisory services etc.

Going forward, the company hopes to venture into wealth management activities, where our clients would truly benefit from our deep product and industry knowledge, hands-on approach to business, the strength of the Group and the extensive relationships possessed with the market players.

We offer a spectrum of products and services to clients in Debt & Equity Management all under one roof. Our services cover;

Debt Issue Management

  Business valuations.
  Structure & placement of short-term debt issues such as Commercial Papers and Promissory Notes.
  Structure, management & placement of medium-term to long-term debt issues such as Debentures & Securitizations
  Managing listed corporate bond issues.

Equity Issue Management

  Initial Public Offers
  Rights Issues
  Voluntary Offers
  Mandatory Offers

Other Corporate Finance Activities

  Business valuations.
  Feasibility studies
  Loan syndications
  Corporate restructures
  Mergers & Acquisitions
  Corporate advisory services- Pre-issue advisory on capital raising, IPO, rights issues, debt issues and private placements.
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